Hey!  Wow, I am so honored you're here. I'm Hannah.

I am an artist currently based out of Tennessee who specializes in all things nature inspired. ( with a little abstract thrown in there) of course. 

 Growing up in Montana the mountains were always the place that made me feel closest to God. Being in his creation reminds me of how beautiful this world is and how vast his love truly is. It's my hope to bring that beauty and love to you through my work.

I started painting in 2015 and haven't looked back. My time in the studio has taught me so much. I’ve learned to trust myself— to trust that I can follow through with something I believe in and when I get a wild idea to run with It. I’ve learned that failure is really just a part of progress. Its life’s way of teaching you the things you need to learn in order to grow and do something extraordinary. I've learned that the reason I create is to give. Give beauty, give hope, give inspiration and most importantly, give love.

If I'm not in the studio, you will probably find me spending time with my husband, rock climbing, hiking, or snuggled under a mound of blankets completely lost in my newest book or cheesy tv show.

Thank you so much for being here,